Vision Statement

Our vision is to deliver World Class supply chain planning solutions in the transportation industry by carefully customizing each load, offering the highest level of safety, and protecting our customers’ reputation by delivering goods one hour ahead of time.

Our vision is set not only for the company itself but also for the customers and employees linked with Moliere Transportation.

We prefer keeping our average tractor age below six years, maintaining powerful tractors, and cleaning the environment. 

We keep our drivers and shippers close to each other. Making them part of the decision-making process encourages and grows their careers. 

We provide and practice regional runs for the drivers. 

Massive trailer fleet maintaining 3:1 trailer ratio.

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Delivered Goods


Reliable Logistics & Transportation Solutions

The truck and shipping industry came as one of the most critical logistics businesses and individuals' needs. The service providers for such logistics either charged a considerable price or were least feasible for goods transportation due to the lack of safety and refunds. To make a dent in this industry, and to be at the top of the logistics services was the main goal for Moliere Transportation. Lincoy and his wife launched Moliere Transportation to fulfill the need of this industry professionally and with care for goods being transported. Lincoy set forth a high standard for Moliere to transport: to provide 100% on-time delivery and zero load rejections. Our Story: Honest & Efficient Work Lincoy and his wife Nicole started Moliere Transport with one Truck in the suburbs of New Orleans. Once Lincoy drove over a million miles accident-free, at 100% on-time delivery and zero load rejections: hauling chemical tankers' hazardous loads. They realize they were created to be a game-changer in the transportation industry. Being his Dispatcher from home, Nicole quickly learned the satisfaction levels of shippers, listening to them applauding in the background when a load was delivered or picked up on time, successfully motivating them to duplicate their systems on a larger scale. Today Moliere Transport has over 1000 trucks on demand and is expanding with locations all over the U.S and Canada.

Moliere Transport